The Arrival of Ace :: Documentary Family

3 generations of this baby’s family come together from different corners of the country to greet him to our world and pass him around with blissful smiles. His two-year-old brother, Waylan oscillates between uncertainty and envy to curiosity and excitement. At some point he pushes on his brother’s nose like it is a button on a toy: unknowingly a little too firmly. He also holds his tiny hand with a tight grip without realizing his strength, but in the following images you can see him confused but concerned as he soothes his crying infant brother. Their innocence is immeasurable.

My favorites are the group shots in the yard, when things became a little restless. Waylan began pulling on his dad’s hair and the baby started crying. Kids turn even the most poetic, vulnerable moments into a sobering reality, but this is also very beautiful. In one shot granddad soothes the baby, grandma in the middle is smiling at the camera, and Gigi to the far left of the frame begins rationalizing with the toddler about pulling his dad’s hair. This turns into a heart melting series of frames that illustrate their mutual adoration for one another. I love the way moms radiate when their grown sons pull them in for a hug. She is smiling like a young girl. These images reflect a family in action— a timeless capsule of how families have always shared intimate moments for thousands of years. I strive to capture images like those we all hold as memories in our mind ... the distant hum of laughter, frustrated dialogues, glowing chaos, and that everlasting subtle stillness where love beams through it.